Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Not a lot of thought went into these girls choice of a spot to soak up the sun. They thought up on a roof would be a great spot to catch some rays, and hey if you're going to get some sun why not do it topless? Natural right? Well that's great in a private area but... This home was located just off the main highway through a small rural town. I've got to imagine the majority of the cars on the road in the late afternoon on a weekday are going to from that town and everyone knows everyone in a small town right? Jason thought better than to document it with pictures as he didn't know how old they were and that he didn't want to go to jail for child porn... The sights we see while out on the roads in Utah!! Some people don't think things out!!


TLW Guardian Investigations said...

What a lovely story - a benefit reserved for private investigators, no doubt.

Margaret Harvey said...

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