Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Positive ID

Adam went to serve a guy, as he pulled up there were cops all over the street but his house looked clear. He went up to serve the guy and a father answered, he went to get the guy Adam asked for and said here he is when the guy came up from down stairs. The guy looked like he had just been roughed up, marks all over his face. Adam went to confirm he was who was listed and he claimed not to be and said he was the brother. Not needing personal service Adam quickly said "ok then give it to him" and left. As he left the officers on the street talked to him and confirmed that it was who we were looking for and that they had just had an altercation with him. So don't try to claim you are someone else right after you were dealt with by the cops and they are outside looking at you!! Some people will try everything to avoid consequences for their actions.


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