Monday, April 16, 2007


I still feel bad for this lady, we had a wage garnishment to be served on an employer to garnish the employee's wages for a debt. When Jason served it the lady up front was who was being garnished so he had to ask for another person. She was embarrassed as you could easily tell but politely got someone else up there to accept it. When this lady got there she started right in with comments (mind you Jason knows who the garnishment is on and they are standing right in front of her desk). She starts on a rampage about how this shouldn't be her problem that people need to learn to take care of their things and how stupid people are for getting into situations like that. This poor secretary just buried her head and listen to the lady as she ripped on her. After a minute she realized who it was on, Jason couldn't get out of there quick enough, not wanting to be involved. Lesson learned: Two sides to this coin, don't be a dead beat debtor that let's things get to that point it could be pretty humiliating or watch what company you are in before you get on your pedestal, it could strike close to home to those around you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Unbelievable story

OK here is a story that you will not believe, I didn't. I thought stuff like this was just a rumor, not a reality but I was wrong... An investigator with our firm brought a story over from when he did work for another firm. They had a domestic surveillance case in a small rural town in Utah. This wife was worried abut her husband, that he might be cheating on her. So they set up surveillance on him and ran across a tuff situation. Do they tell her that her husband was having an affair with a cow? I mean on the positive side he wasn't cheating on her with another woman? They were able to get video of him 'cheating' with a cow, I know you're asking male or female, it was a female cow. No homosexual activity going on there, just animal sex. We were asked today what the most extreme situation we have come across was, this one hands down gets the prize. I know as a Private Investigator we will come across a few unusual situations but I hope there is never another story like this that I come across. Lesson learned: I don't even know where to go with this, I guess we learned that we can never underestimate how low a human can sink? Or never think you're alone in a cattle field.

Monday, April 9, 2007


There are some images you just can't get out of your head... Jason was out on a serve one day in a trailer park. An eight year old boy answered the door and had him wait a minute, the boy went back and he could hear him tell the lady that someone was at the door. The boy returned and asked him to come in and wait. Shortly there after the lady came down the hall yelling to the boy, "who's at the door?". She came around the corner, very large and in all her glory (Jason seems to get the large women). She had apparently just got out of the shower and didn't bother to put on a towel. She litterally dived back down the hall as soon as she saw him. Jason quickly yelled "I'll just leave the papers here for you" and ran. Lesson, well Jason learned to never go inside a home even if invited and no matter how cold it is. She learned how to dive. I'm still worried about that kid, I mean 8 years old, he'll remember that for life, poor kid.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Have you ever seen an item for sale on e-bay or somewhere like that where the person listing it took a picture and their reflection was in the item? This was kinda one of those. I was out one night and went to a home to serve some papers. It had a vehicle in the driveway, lights on. The front door was one with glass in it and it wasn't smoked glass, it was clear. I could see a front room, one of those half walls and through the hall way could see a TV and couch, the family room. No one was visible but once I knocked I could see a shadow of someone move across the room in front of the TV, they walked towards the corner of the wall then I could see them get on their knees and almost lay down. I was laughing at this point as I watched a young lady in her mid 20's peeked around the corner, maybe a foot off the ground. I was looking straight at her since I was watching the shadow the whole time. Busted, she backed up quickly and stood up and a few seconds later answered the door. What can I say about that one? Sneaky sneaky... Or so she thought... Lesson learned: When avoiding people at you home, start by covering up windows, if you fail to do that don't try to be sneaky if you're that clueless :)

Friday, April 6, 2007


OK time for another story... I had fun with this one. As you may quickly see we do a lot of process serving, a lot. I was at a home in Provo one afternoon, knocking on the door I could see a TV on but no one was coming to the door, so I kept on knocking. As a diesel truck came up the hill two kids answered, I asked for the person and could hear the truck slowing down and flipping a u-turn. Then the kids said there he is, as I turned the guy took off down the hill. A little thrown off I quickly decided that I didn't want to wait him out so I took off after him. About 1/2 a mile down the road at a 4-way stop I caught up to him. I was able to pull along side him and get him to stop. So the runner was served at the corner of Oak and Maple. Lesson learned: Don't make an idiot out of yourself trying to avoid service, we will catch ya and a bunch of people will laugh at you on the internet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A classic story

Well my wife has listened to and laughed at our little experiences and stories over the years dealing with people, she finally convinced me to share them so I hope they are of some entertainment value. While being a Private Investigator isn't always as fun as it sounds there are moments, Jason had one we still laugh about almost two years ago. He was delivering some papers to a residence, it was in a little run down area of town. The home didn't exactly look inviting so he was a little on edge as he went there. A lady answered, she was extremely large (in the 400lbs range) and wearing a mumu style dress. She didn't say much and took the papers so back to the car Jason headed, as he was almost off the property he heard the lady say "Sick Him" as he turned arund he saw her stepping aside (as she filled the doorway and nothing was getting past until she stepped aside) out came a rottweiler that was almost as big as her headed after him. Now using a dog as a weapon is different than a dog just running at you so... He pulled out his gun and told the lady "Call him off or I will kill him" Now at that point he said she "floated" down the stairs after tht dog dragging him back inside. I though he should report her for sicking a dog on him but he said the look of horror on her face and seeing her move that quick was worth it all. So two lessons learned from this, #1 those of you with dogs, don't sick them on a man with a gun. #2 be a man with a gun ;) Well that is one of the classics, hope to brighten your day again soon.