Friday, August 17, 2007


This guy thought he was smart. When Aaron showed up to serve him he just claimed he was someone else. He was even gutsy enough to give his cell number and tell Aaron he can call him and meet him. Aaron called while he was there and they guy standing there who claimed not to be who we were serving, his cell rang and the voice mail was his voice. Again the guy said it wasn't him so he called again and same thing but this time he scrambled to shut it off. So needing to confirm it was him he asked a neighbor who ID him as who we were looking for. Aaron had a buddy in the local PD there so he called him. He sent a car over, they were very willing to help but when they went in to talk to the guy again he claimed not to be who we were after to the cop. So outside they decided to look at his license and see the picture, wouldn't you know it it was him. Also a second car got there and when he saw the picture he recognized him a a guy he went to school with. So he went in and said hi to him, knowing he was caught he finally admitted it. So Aaron Served him and then asked for his signature. He refused and despite the fact that we don't technically have to have it the cops advised him that he could sign or get hauled away for lying to a cop, he decided he didn't need that right now. Come on again, just fess up and deal with your problems, don't run or hide!!


Some people are just pricks. Take for instance they guy Aaron went to serve the other day. He knocked and asked for a lady and a young girl said she would get her but instead some prick came out yelling. Cussing him out and saying he was trespassing and to get off his property, actually he was yelling that because he rented this house Aaron had to get off. Aaron was polite and immeadiately started walking away. He got to his car on the street and for some reason this prick though that he rented the street too. He kept yelling and coming after him by now Aaron wasn't as polite and yelled back he was on a public street and didn't have to move. So this guy grabbed a hose and started spraying into Aaron's car getting him soaked and the papers, not to mention some over spray on other papers and a laptop. Then the guy let his big blat Rotweiler out, keeping Aaron in his car. The kicker is that when Aaron called the cops about being harassed they stated there is nothing they can do, they wouldn't even send anyone out. that can be a whole other issue but since he was serving papers they feel that he was trying to get thier help to do his job, never mind the prick was using force or actions to intimidate a server who is acting as an officer of the court and so is protected in doing so. Anyhow the prick is lucky Aaron is even tempered, others (myself) may not have been. A couple nights later I went out and did get the paper served, with the prick yelling and cussing claiming that I didn't serve it and everything else he could think of, like I was trespassing by being on the sidewalk. People please don't think that you can avoid service!! Just accept it and deal with your problems don't make more!!