Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Incidential pictures

Funny how you can be so focused on what you are doing that you don't notice what is going on right in front of you. Megan posted a home yesterday and this morning when she printed out the picture she noticed something she overlooked yesterday. Kinda looks like the focal point to me but what does it look like she was getting a picture of to you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Positive ID

Adam went to serve a guy, as he pulled up there were cops all over the street but his house looked clear. He went up to serve the guy and a father answered, he went to get the guy Adam asked for and said here he is when the guy came up from down stairs. The guy looked like he had just been roughed up, marks all over his face. Adam went to confirm he was who was listed and he claimed not to be and said he was the brother. Not needing personal service Adam quickly said "ok then give it to him" and left. As he left the officers on the street talked to him and confirmed that it was who we were looking for and that they had just had an altercation with him. So don't try to claim you are someone else right after you were dealt with by the cops and they are outside looking at you!! Some people will try everything to avoid consequences for their actions.

I think I'm alone now...

Garrett was out one day serving a business, it was normal business hours and the front doors were open. He went in and no one was around, lights were on but no one seemed to be in there. He politely yelled hello and no response so he walked back and continued to say hello and look around for someone to accept service. When he walked into one office there was the guy we needed to serve in front of his computer and he was extremely startled to see Garrett come around the corner. Garrett quickly identified him as who he needed dropped the papers and left as he was fumbling to do up his pants and cover up. Not sure what was on the screen but I'm willing to bet he wasn't looking for office supplies!! Lock your door man!! No one wants to be around that!!


Not a lot of thought went into these girls choice of a spot to soak up the sun. They thought up on a roof would be a great spot to catch some rays, and hey if you're going to get some sun why not do it topless? Natural right? Well that's great in a private area but... This home was located just off the main highway through a small rural town. I've got to imagine the majority of the cars on the road in the late afternoon on a weekday are going to from that town and everyone knows everyone in a small town right? Jason thought better than to document it with pictures as he didn't know how old they were and that he didn't want to go to jail for child porn... The sights we see while out on the roads in Utah!! Some people don't think things out!!

Helpfull Cops

The cops are quite willing to help us at times. Jason pulled up to serve a difficult serve one day and there were cops everywhere. They had a kid handcuffed outside the home Jason was looking to serve. When he walked up and asked what was going on the officer explained that the young man was being arrested on some pretty serious drug charges. Then he asked Jason what he was doing, he explained that he needed to serve the father but it had to go to someone inside the home and asked if anyone was home. The office quickly responded that they needed to take the druggie inside to finish a few things, they dragged him in, Jason was able to serve him, then they took the papers and left them on the kitchen table for the father when he returned and took the druggie right back out to the patrol car. Thanks guys!! We appreciate the help!!

Is there any options?

Aaron was out serving papers one day and a lady just didn't know what to do. When he served her she had lots of questions, what she had to do, what was going to happen, and if there was any options that they could work out. As if a server can make a debt disappear for a piece of action. Arron was quick and simple with his response "One your good looking, two I'm married, and three I think that's illegal so sorry" Then he served her her papers. It is amazing how little value people can place on their bodies and morals.


So I had to go serve the soon to be ex wife of a fairly wealth man. She had been living at truck stops for the past bit and so he hadn't been able to get her served. He got word that she was staying at a motel just off the freeway in Salt Lake. So off I headed to rush over and catch her. When I got there I spoke to the mmanager and found out she was kicked out that morning. I missed her by a couple hours but the reason she was kicked out was the kicker. She tried to trade drugs for a cigarette and when that failed she offered sex for a cigarette.. Unbelievable, one cigarette for sex? And she was staying in a room with her "boyfriend" trying to get back with her ex husband and needed a cigarette so bad she was willing to have sex for one?? It's amazing what situations people can get themselves into through a string of bad decisions. The story I got she started out as a pretty respectable woman with a good life and ended up as a truck stop whore trading cigarette's for sex? It's really pretty sad.