Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So I had to go serve the soon to be ex wife of a fairly wealth man. She had been living at truck stops for the past bit and so he hadn't been able to get her served. He got word that she was staying at a motel just off the freeway in Salt Lake. So off I headed to rush over and catch her. When I got there I spoke to the mmanager and found out she was kicked out that morning. I missed her by a couple hours but the reason she was kicked out was the kicker. She tried to trade drugs for a cigarette and when that failed she offered sex for a cigarette.. Unbelievable, one cigarette for sex? And she was staying in a room with her "boyfriend" trying to get back with her ex husband and needed a cigarette so bad she was willing to have sex for one?? It's amazing what situations people can get themselves into through a string of bad decisions. The story I got she started out as a pretty respectable woman with a good life and ended up as a truck stop whore trading cigarette's for sex? It's really pretty sad.


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